[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Peach C Holiday Tint Rose Beige

Peach C Holiday Tint Rose Beige Review

Peach C Holiday Tint Rose Beige Review:

The first product I tried from Peach C was the Peach C Cotton Blusher which I already reviewed months ago. I was so impressed with the quality and the blusher was in my top blusher list. Not long after, I bought the Peach C Holiday Tint which was a huge trend in Korea and I was hoping that the tint will work as good as the blusher on me. Lately it’s so easy to find Peach C products on various online stores so you can buy and try it as well if you’re curious.

You can easily find the information about this tint on their official website, which is Haneul Haneul (they are originally a Korean clothing store). When I searched about it, the tint got 5 stars reviews and on Instagram posts, all of the beauty influencers were praising the tint (well they maybe got PR/endorsed by Peach C but still, those good reviews encouraged me to try it as well). The price is not that expensive so I think it’s still under ‘affordable’ label and can be afforded by teenagers and adults as well.

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