[REVIEW] The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ 01 Mint

The Face Shop Air cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ 01 Mint:

Now, anyone with acne will relate. Concealing acne is HARD! But thankfully, it’s doable (if you graduated from Hogwarts). In my case, I’m a bit lucky since I don’t have many bumps but a lot of redness. A popular way to conceal redness is colour correcting with green pigmentation. I tried it a couple of times in the past but I have many spots across my face and using a tiny product isn’t helping, so I thought I should try a green pigmented primer. I found this one at an affordable price and with a lot of great reviews so I thought I shall give it a try.


♥  This primer, thanks to its cotton content, is capable to keep the moisture of the skin and it leaves the skin with a soft and smooth finish.

♥ It can tone up the skin by giving it a bright and clear look.

♥ It works in cooperation with the skin and adjusts to your natural skin tone, with the help of its content of smart seed Hawaiian clay.


The Face Shop Air cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ 01 Mint Review

Volume: 40mL

How to use:

1. On clear skin, preferably with sunscreen on.

2. Dispense the appropriate amount (about 2 green peas).

3. Gently apply it on all of your face or in certain areas as you wish, in order to conceal redness.

4. Wait for it to stabilise and then proceed with the rest of your makeup.

My skin type is acne prone and combination oily & dry.

The Face Shop Air cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ 01 Mint:

The truth is I had little expectations for this primer and sadly, I was right. Even though it comes in a decent size with a very affordable price, that’s pretty much all there is for the positives. I had a major problem with this primer.

As you may know, primers are supposed to make your base easier for the makeup to be applied. That may be accomplished with a variety of different ways. One of them is making the skin tone even, just like this primer. Well this primer tried but it didn’t get quite close to evening my skintone.

The Face Shop Air cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ 01 Mint Review

To be precise, all this primer does is leave a rediculous amount of whitecast. Instead of having healthy looking skin like it claimed, I look like a character in a Japanese horror movie. Sadly, the villain. It’s OK you may say, you’ll end up covering it with makeup won’t you? Yes! I will! But… It’ll get even worse… Way worse…

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The Face Shop Air cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ 01 Mint Review

On the one hand, I didn’t even know this was possible but this primer managed to lower the coverage of my foundation; (for reference, I tried using Missha’s magic cushion, the Saem’s Nemo and eco soul cushions and 3w clinic’s collagen foundation).

I was normally able to cover my hyperpigmentation with foundation only but somehow this primer made it impossible. And on top of that, it made my pimples pop out more whenever I was having a breakout. To top all of that, it got cakey. Definitely not the look I’m going for.

The Face Shop Air cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ 01 Mint Review

On the other hand, this primer has spf protection (always a huge advantage), it smells pleasantly and also has a great texture, just like a moisturizing cream. It also gives a soothing and cooling feel whenever I apply it on my skin (note: my hyperpigmentation actually hurts whenever I touch it so this is a great plus). Lastly, just a tiny drop of this product is enough to cover the whole face.

This primer seems to work for many people but for me it’s a huge no-no. The Face Shop paid too much attention to the small details and forgot to see the bigger picture. What’s the reason we use primer.

Since not only it didn’t help me perfect my skin’s look, but made it look worse, I’d definitely never repurchase this particular primer. Furthermore, I don’t recommend this product to anyone with acne. After all this isn’t the only affordable primer out there.

Where to buy:

Amazon | eBay | Cosmetic-love

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  1. I agree with you on this product!

    I literally had “foundation dots” on my face from caking just about after 2 hours of application. I was even in an air conditioned room with not much stressors at that time.

    I think for acne-prone/oily skin, this product is not advisable…


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