[REVIEW+SWATCHES] The Face Shop Gelato Tint 05 Brown Bonbon Chocolate

The Face Shop Gelato Tint 05 Brown Bonbon Chocolate Review:

No one can deny that The Face Shop is one of the best in making an eye-catching packaging. Their Coca Cola lip tint and Apeach collections can prove that and most people I know (including me) are buying their products just because of the packaging only. I’m weak to cute packaging so it’s not weird that once again I purchased their newest release, the Gelato Tint just because of the packaging.

I was browsing for some new products on one of my favorite Korean beauty shops when I saw this lip tint. Let’s say just the advertisement alone already made me want to purchase the whole shades range. They actually made it in an ice cream shape! Who can resist that? The other reason is that it’s almost rare for Face Shop to make a new product (they usually just re-package the product in different packaging) so I’m curious to try it.

The new lip tint, the Gelato Tint is available in 6 shades and some of the shades look so similar to each other so I have a hard time in choosing the most different one. The shades are basically only pinks and corals so in the end I ended up choosing based on the flavor only. They have different flavors such as vanilla, mint, watermelon, chocolate, grape, and mango. So if you don’t know which shade to buy because of the similarity, maybe you can choose according to your favorite flavor.

Claims :

+ Melting mousse tint

+ Long-lasting color

+ Contains 4 plant oils (rose hip, safflower seed, apple and mango)

Ingredients :
(ingredients are slightly different for each shade)

Dimethicone, Dimethicone cross polymer, Polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, Dimethicone / Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Isododecane, Titanium dioxide, Red iron oxide, Yellow iron oxide, 1,2-hexanediol, Red No. 202, Disteardimonium hectorite, Phenoxyethanol, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Tocopheryl acetate, Fragrance, Propylene carbonate, Caprylic / capric triglyceride, Rosehip fruit extract, Mango extract, Safflower seed extract, Apple extract

The Face Shop Gelato Tint 05 Brown Bonbon Chocolate Review

How to Use :
Apply a moderate amount from inside to outside lips gently.

Volume : 4.2g

My lips area : Slightly dry

The Face Shop Gelato Tint 05 Brown Bonbon Chocolate Review:

It comes in a small transparent box and my forgetful self threw the box away right after I swatch the lip tint but it has basic information which you can find practically everywhere or on any online shops you get it from. The box is exactly the same with the Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel so if you’re curious you can check it on my review before.

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The Face Shop Gelato Tint 05 Brown Bonbon Chocolate Review

The bottle size is smaller if compared to average lip tints but for the shape, I think it’s pretty decent and they have 4.2g worth of product anyway so it’s not a big deal for me. The top part (the ice cream part) is made from rubber and the cone part is made from plastic.

The applicator is attached to the top part and I thought it will be hard to hold because of the small size but thanks to the rubber material, it’s not slippery and very easy to hold it tight.

The Face Shop Gelato Tint 05 Brown Bonbon Chocolate Review

The thing I love is how they make the packaging very detailed. You can see the colorful sprinkles on the top part, the dripping effect on the side and even the cone pattern. With this kind of packaging I don’t mind I’m paying a bit more because it’s an effort to make such details and I really appreciate it.

The Face Shop Gelato Tint 05 Brown Bonbon Chocolate Review

As I mentioned before, they have different shades (and flavors). I got mine in 05 Brown Bonbon which is a chocolate flavor and it has a very strong chocolate scent. If you don’t like this type of scent, it may be too overpowering for you but I really like it as I love everything with sweet scent.

This shade is a warm coral red color and it’s perfect if you want to wear red lip color but still want to look natural. I don’t like red lips so this shade can be my ‘alternative’ red color as it’s still wearable.

It will suit warm undertone better but it can be worn by every skin tone as it’s a perfect MLBB color. On people with cool undertone, you may find the shade looks more red on you while on warm undertone it will show the coral tone more.

The Face Shop Gelato Tint 05 Brown Bonbon Chocolate Review

It has a mousse texture and it feels very similar with the 3CE Velvet Tint but this Gelato Tint is more affordable. It feels so lightweight on the lips like I didn’t wear anything at all and with the flat shaped doe-foot applicator, it helps even more in distributing the tint.

Because of its texture, it’s easy to blend but it has a velvet finish so making a gradient lips with this tint won’t give you the best result. On the other hand, making a full lips look is very easy and it will give you a smooth finish.

Even with the velvet finish, it doesn’t dry out my lips. It feels okay when I apply it on my un-moisturized lips but it can look a bit dry so moisturize is still recommended. It also doesn’t emphasis any patches or textures on my lips which usually is my main problems with some other lip tints so I’m very happy with this tint.

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It has an average lasting power, it will fade after I eat (mainly oily foods) but it fades evenly so it won’t make your lips look like a patchy mess. It does leave a hint of red stain on the lips but the stain doesn’t last very long. If you want to retouch by re-applying a new layer, it’s better to remove the excess tint underneath because it can look too heavy and feels uncomfortable on the lips.

I am very happy with this tint! The quality is really good and my dry lips love it so much even with the velvet finish. If you have dry lips yet still want to try matte/velvet lips, I will recommend this product for you to try. Also if you want to try the 3CE Velvet Tint but find it’s too expensive, this tint can be a good alternative for you since it performs exactly the same (but it’s fade faster and doesn’t last as long as the 3CE one).

I hope Face Shop will make more shade options in the future because we don’t need 3 coral and 3 pink shades. It’d be good if they can make shades like browns, oranges, or even plums so people can pick the best shade for their skin tones.

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle

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