[REVIEW] The Face Shop Lip Top Coat

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review:

After reading the review (with very sad news) of the April Skin lip fixer, I at least knew I had one less product to try. So I turned to a brand I knew decently well and got their lip top coat. Honestly, right from the start I thought it was extremely expensive for the amount of product – but also the tube didn’t even come full so I doubt it had the 5g they promised – but nonetheless I decided to use it and review it.

People with dry lips know that lipsticks with no transfer are worse for our lips than others, and it adds to the sad reality that you’re stuck with moist lipsticks that usually transfer everywhere.

So in the end, how does this perform?


+ Coat your lip colour with Lip Top Coat to prevent smudging and colour transfer.

+ Lasts for hours, and doesn’t mix with water or oil.

+ Now when you eat or drink your lip color will stay on your lips and avoid awkward moments.


Polyperfluoromethylisopropyl ether, silica dimethyl silylate, silica silylate

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review

Volume: 5g

How to use:

1. Shake well before use with lid closed.

2. Tap container (with lid closed) on the back of your hands.

3. Dispense a small amount and apply with a light tapping motion to coat your lip makeup.

4. Dry lips for a second-skin finish.

My Lips Type: Dry and wrinkly lips

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review:

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review

Super small package that came half empty, but the question in my mind was “Why is it grey, not black?”

Regardless, this tiny package comes in a squeeze type and it’s not really easy to squeeze out (since it wasn’t full to begin with). So I have to be careful not to over squeeze it and end up wasting product.

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review

See me squeezing and it not coming out. The traitor.

When it comes to the size of the whole, there is nothing wrong with it! It’s tiny as it should be, so we’re able to squeeze it out without squeezing too much.

Now, I don’t know if it’s because my pack came half empty or if all of them come like that. But I imagine if it comes full then it’s easy to get the right amount.

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review

This is around the amount I need for my lips.

Now, I have medium sized lips and like to apply full lip makeup (as opposed to gradient). So this is around the amount I personally need.

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat ReviewFor testing I used the lipstick I know has the biggest transfer. This photo was borrowed from my review of The Saem’s Lip Paint. You can see the transfer after 1h… was basically a full transfer. That lipstick just doesn’t dry at all.

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review

Here I applied the top coat on my full lips, on one layer of that The Saem Lip Paint. Being one layer it isn’t as shiny as if it was more than one, but you can see it retains the lipstick’s original shine. I was afraid it would just make everything matte.

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review

I applied one layer of the lip paint on my full lips, and the top coat in half of it, as you can see. The image is pretty much self descriptive, but anyway. You can see there is still a little transfer on the second photo, even after the top coat fully dries. But I would say it’s quite minimal!

I think the reason to apply top coat is when you’re hanging out with people and don’t want your lipstick to transfer everywhere. Or when you have a filming, or a performance, and don’t want accidents. It does make the lipstick last way longer too!

In my case that doesn’t affect much since I need to apply lip balm every now and then, and fatty products (lip balm, lip gloss, Vaseline) wash out the top coat.

However, if your lips aren’t dry then it’ll just last! With this The Saem Lip Paint, the top coat made my lipstick last in full color and without transfer for 5h. And that’s with food and drinks in the middle (until I ate Tempura and the oil washed the top coat off).

The Face Shop Lip Top Coat Review

This is a swatch of the lip coat alone.

It’s completely transparent and after it dries it almost doesn’t change the shine of the product. Of course it doesn’t let you have the candy look, but in any other normal shine it’ll keep it as it was originally.

After it settles it feels similar to the Airy Ink Velvet series by Peripera.

It has no scent whatsoever, and the shortest ingredient list ever.

I have yet to find out if the package really comes half full or if I was unlucky and got something someone returned (wouldn’t be the first time it happened to me, Korean companies don’t check what people return and just put it to resell – they are either dishonest or too trusting).

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For the price, if this is all the product I get then it’s good but I need to find something else. If it usually comes fuller than this then I love it.

The product itself is good, and I don’t use it that much – but since I need lip balm every now and then it’s still expensive for something I have to wash off every few hours.

I loved the performance though!

Where to buy:

Amazon | eBay | Cosmetic-love

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