[REVIEW] The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips 02 Perfect PT

The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips 02 Perfect PT Review:

The Saem is a Korean brand that falls on the affordable range when it comes to skincare and makeup alike. While I am aware of the brand’s existence and actually own a product from them (a cleansing water), I am not entirely sure what to expect from this brand’s makeup line.

Recently, however, I was gifted by a friend a lip product from The Saem and it is called The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips 02. I believe they have released this push-type lip product in matte finish too, but the one that I own has a creamy/sheer type of finish. Let’s see how I find my first The Saem makeup product!


♥ The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips is a unique button lipstick which promises to provide rich and clear color in a swipe.

♥ It also claims to contain plant essential oil that provides protection shield giving moisture care on lips.


Not Available

Volume: 2g

How to use:

1. Click the button and apply gently on the lips.

2. Let lipstick melt on skin temperature gently.

3. Pressing button, 0.1mm content will come out.

My Skin Type: Combination, Acne-Prone, Occasionally Dull and Sensitive, Dry lips

The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips 02 Perfect PT Review:

The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips comes in a neat box which kind of reminds me of eco-friendly boxes. The packaging of Button Lips is simple and trendy at the same time. The lip product is housed in a black, matte packaging that resembles a permanent marker.

The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips 02 Perfect PT Review

What makes this product special is the fact that unlike other lipsticks, you have to push the bottom of the tube to reveal the content instead of the usual twisting. You can actually hear a “click” when you push it.

The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips 02 Perfect PT Review

But don’t get too excited in pushing it because this lipstick is not retractable! Personally, I would suggest that you reveal very little of the product first and just add as you need it. I should mention that apart from it being not retractable, the lip product itself is super soft which may actually ruin your makeup in the process in case you had to deal with a longer (more) product.

This lip product has a very nice scent to it, it smells fruity like sweet oranges to me and it doesn’t really taste anything to me which is a major plus if you ask me.

The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips 02 Perfect PT Review

True to its claim, The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips is very much pigmented. Perfect PT (02) is a pretty orange-red which makes your teeth somehow appear whiter. Although, I have to say, that I am not very comfortable wearing anything red.

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While I usually go for n*de and pinks, I am open in trying red hues once in a while because every girl should have that one red lipstick, right?  Anyway, this lip product is so pigmented that you only need a swipe for a full/bold color.

 It feels light on the lips and it actually reminds me of Just Bitten series from Revlon, only this one provides solid lip color. It feels a little tacky at first but it begins to feel rightly moisturizing after few minutes of wearing it. Since this is a creamy/sheer lip product, this definitely transfers but there would be decent amount of product left on your lips. I’d say the wear time is pretty good, probably 3 to 4 hours with minimum eating.

All in all, The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips 02 Perfect PT is a nice lip product to try. I honestly wouldn’t repurchase this item not because the product is bad but merely out of my preferences. To be fair, I really have no complains with this product apart from the fact that you cannot push back its contents. I feel that people with super dry lips would especially love this product.

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