[REVIEW] New 2017 The SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red

The SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red was purchased by Cosmeperks.

This new collection has an amazing design. Both the lip paints and the eye paints! And, as we know, the cute candy shaped lip tints from the Saem were very popular, so it’s no surprise that when these ones came out they were an instant success in the lines of good but affordable makeup.

So I walked in the store and asked the lady to choose one for me. I said I can only take one so she should choose the one which matched me the most. For some reason she chose bright red (I agree that it matches me, just that Koreans usually don’t use bright red lipstick). I have used this lipstick every day since I got it and I can tell you almost everything there is to know about it (I think).


♥ A color as vivid as if it was printed on your lips.

♥ Moist application, matte paint, pretty color, a liquid lipstick with high adherence.

♥ Like a printing, a clear and thin vivid color comes out of this liquid lipstick. Light texture and long lasting after drying.

Fiery red: The red of the reds, clear and bright.


They give this list of ingredients but they don’t tell to which color it applies. However, I tried all the lipsticks on the store and the formulas are very similar, so the ingredients shouldn’t vary much.

Caprylic / capric triglyceride, polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate, hydrogenated polyisobutene, castor oil, isododecane, silica silylate, isononyl isononano Octadecylhexalactone crosspolymer, polybutene, distearmonium hectorite, stearalkonium hectorite, silica, polyethylene, propylene carbonate, rose hip oil, meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba seed oil, sorbitan sesquioleate, polyglyceryl-6 polypyrinolinate, dehydroacetic acid, pentaerythritol tetra-di-t-butylhydroxyhydrocinnamate , Distearyldimonium chloride, fragrance, Red No. 202, Red No. 104 (1), Yellow No. 5, Red No. 201, Yellow No. 4

THE SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review

Volume: 6.5ml

How to use:

Apply a sufficient amount of product to the inner part of your lips to the outer side. It is important to apply a small amount of lip product (it is, I’ll explain later).

Tips advised by the brand:

Your lips need care. Even with the most moist lipstick. So if your lips break and are flaky (really dry) then pair this product with a lip scrub and lip essence (the brand suggests their honey scrub and honey essence).

If your lips are highly pigmented, you should cover that color with a lip concealer (the brand suggests their cover protection lip concealer). – this doesn’t apply to this red color, but to the weaker and more nude colors in the collection.

If your lip products blur after applied to your lips try using a matte colored lip pencil to line the lips before application (the brand suggests to even apply the lip pencil a little above your lip line).

To make the color more long lasting you shouldn’t apply with your fingers nor the lip applicator directly, but try applying with a lip brush instead.

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My Lips Type: Dry, sensitive and allergic lips.

The SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review:

THE SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review

The design of this package is amazing. I mean, even if I wasn’t biased for being a painter, or for liking home makeovers, it’s adorable and it looks exactly like a paint can! It’s a little sad that the paint can handle doesn’t move – but imagine how bothersome it would be when applying the lipstick. But it would be even cuter!

THE SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review

The applicator is in round shape (not flat and not with a hole in the center), and when you pull it out it always, always, has a small amount of paint on the top and what I would call “sufficient” on the rest of the stick.

So, what I concluded is that if you’re going to dot your lips (to do a gradation or to spread with a brush) use the tip. If you’re going to do a direct application clean the tip as much as possible and apply with the stick part!

THE SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review

On the top (red) part I wanted to show you the lipstick color, and on the bottom part I applied one dot and patted it until it spread, to show that it can also be used as a blush.

However if you use it as a blush I would be sure to apply the base makeup first (some people apply the blush as part of the base) and then the blush, because it is a tint and in the end it does tint the skin a little, so if you apply the tint after the base makeup it either doesn’t tint or tints the skin less.

THE SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review

This picture is self explanatory (most of them are). It was on the first day I used it.

I applied the tint directly with the applicator, and there is so much product! It took over 1h to become matte. And the matte it becomes is not matte by western standards but by Korean standards so it’s not as matte as expected, it has a small shine to it.

THE SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review

This was on the third day I used it. On the second day I did exactly the same but with gradation instead, so it would be repetitive if I showed it.

Moving on, I applied as you see, using a brush after dotting. That small amount of product gives a very very intense color. When I arrived to school my friends asked me right away where was I going today that I was wearing red lipstick! (as I said, it’s unusual for Koreans to wear red lips)

The gathering as you can see in the 3rd photo is very small and not really perceptible since the color is so pigmented.

The transfer, I must say, is always present. No matter how much or how little product you apply. No matter how long you wait after it dries, the transfer is always there. However, the good news is that the color on the lips stays there as if it hadn’t transferred – just like they promised!

THE SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review

Here was on my 4th day, I applied a first layer like on the previous image, waited for it to become matte, then a second layer. Now I got a really rich red color. The transfer is proportionally bigger. But again, the color on the lips does stay regardless – I guess because this lip paint in the end is a tint so it does tint your lips.

THE SAEM Lip Paint 02 Fiery Red Review

Big problem! Until it dries, at any time, this can happen on your lips. After it dries it can happen too, but less likely. So, just like with other lipsticks, don’t put it too much on the inner part of your lips (or just clean it after applying). But be sure to pay attention to avoid embarrassing moments.

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Big plus! I applied lip balm after it dried, and it went back to the original look the tint gives, but now my lips were moisturized.

Another important thing to add is that this paint (since it’s not anti transfer, and not completely matte) doesn’t dry the lips at all, almost like a liquid lip stick lip balm in one.

When it comes to the scent there is some, a light sweet smell. It is very nice and it does not make me feel like I have candy on my lips! Compared to the Aritaum tints, the i, and to the Peripera tints it’s a way weaker scent that is probably nice to everyone (when it comes to intensity) and does make it a little cuter to wear!

I’m not sure I would buy this knowing that it takes quite a while to dry (20 minutes in my case) so that I have to be careful of tooth transfer for that while, but I love how vivid the color is.

It is all they promise: bright, vivid, light, thin layer, semi-matte (or korean matte), long lasting. But I must say that it is not smudge proof nor transfer proof so do take that into consideration.

In my case I always have to moisturize my lips several times during the day so in my case nothing is smudge proof nor transfer proof (although there are products that are better on that area, like the peripera inks – all of them).

So for a color lover this is a yes! Although all that transfer is a problem, the color is really long lasting and the product makes my lips not need as much moisture as other lip products.

Where to buy:

eBay | Cosmetic-love

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