[REVIEW+SWATCHES] The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup Peach

The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup Peach Review:

The cute packaging was the only reason I immediately bought it without thinking twice. The tube looks very cute (even it’s not like a lip product but tomato sauce or my Mom’s syrup essence, haha). For your information, this lip product was launched by The Saem about two months ago. Please, say ‘hi’ to Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup!

Honestly, if they didn’t make this extremely cute packaging, I wouldn’t buy this product, hehe because this Yum Yum Lip Syrup has only 4 color options; Chocolate, Cherry, Strawberry and Peach. The shades are very basic (you know, red, pink and orange) and kinda boring for me.

I was interested to try the Chocolate lip syrup but ended up with the Peach one (since the tube looks prettier with its pastel color, lol). I know, I was like buying the cute package only, but from the deepest of my heart (ha!) I actually wanted to get a good quality tint as well. Ah, okay let’s see!

Claims :

+ Moisture water gloss type lip syrup with 30% of moist.

+ Bright color and silky syrup shine gives neon light vital makeup look.

Key Ingredients :

Honey Extract, Lemon Extract, Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract

The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup Peach Review

Volume : 10 g

How to use :

1. Press the tube gently to take out the product, use the tip of the tube to apply the product onto lips.

2. To get precise application, use a lip brush.

My Lips Type : Normal with fine lines, pigmented, occasionally dry

The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup Peach Review:

The size of the bottle is smaller than I thought. It is tiny and very very cute in real. As I said, it doesn’t look like a cosmetic, but a syrup essence due to its design and size.

Even though the bottle has a chubby design but its small and slim size make this product still easy to carry in pouch and even pocket of your jacket.

The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup Peach Review

When I got this tint, it was only wrapped in a clear seal, so do not ask the box please. Meanwhile, the bottle is rubbery and it is very easy to squeeze the product out due to its good elasticity. It doesn’t bring too much information, in case you ask for product description, how to use and ingredients list.

Nevertheless it still gives an information about the expiration date on the bottom side. In short, the packaging is totally cute and unique, and deserves to be your collection especially if you are a cute products hunter.

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This lip product doesn’t have a doe-foot applicator, which I really like, otherwise the applicator is… awful! Seriously, it’s like I was extremely excited getting this superb cute bottle but would have a mental breakdrown when opened up the lid and saw the applicator. Bzzzz…

The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup Peach Review

So, the applicator is actually the tip of the bottle. But, it is not pointy (even it’s already angled) and too short. Even though its hole is small, which is good to control how much product we want to take out, but it is still uncomfortable to be used and, as I predicted, too messy after using.

It is very hard to get a precise application, especially on lip corners. To blend out the product, you will need a help from your fingers or lip brush to get a neater result. Well, I think this kind of applicator is more suitable for clear lip gloss or lip balm, but not for a lip color.

Each color has different scent depend on its name. Mine is Peach, so yeah, it smells like a peach. Unfortunately, I also sniff a little chemical scent in this product. The whole scent becomes a little bit weird and less fresh than I expected, but overall it’s still okay and not disturbing. Oh, by the way, I’m curious with the Chocolate variant, it should smell very yummy, shouldn’t it?

I guessed Yum Yum Lip Syrup would have a thick watery consistency as it is named ‘lip syrup’, but I was wrong. The texture is more creamy than I thought. Instead of watery, this product is more oily but not runny. You can see on photo, the texture is light creamy with oily content in it. I think ‘lip sauce’ is a better name, hehe.

It blends very easy with zero clumpy result. And even though it is more oily than watery, it doesn’t leave sticky nor greasy feeling. On lips, it feels so weightless and has a dewy finish, so this product is not for matte lip lovers.

The shine is not too much and still wearable for my daily natural makeup. It nicely covers wrinkles on lips and instantly gives a moist and healthy look.

The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup Peach Review

The shade 04 – Peach is a vermillion orange color with a little hint of red. I know, this is a very vibrant color, especially if you look at my first swatch. But after blending out, it looks slightly calmer and softer. This pretty color is still suitable for daily, both for full lips and gradient lips.

The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup Peach Review

The real color is not too different from The Saem’s photo but, thankfully, it is not as bold as its official lip swatches. In other words, this product has medium coverage. It looks so pigmented at first, but becomes slightly transparent when blended out.

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If you like bold look (like The Saem’s photo), you can apply more than a layer. It’s lightweight, so don’t worry to add another layer.

Beyond belief, I was amazed with the formula of The Saem Yum Yum Lip Syrup. Surprisingly, this cute product is very moisturizing and hydrating. Even when I skipped lip balm, it didn’t dry my lips. No, not at all. My lips were still soft and supple after using it along the day. This is the best point from this product!

The staying power of this lip syrup is average due to its glossy finish (a general issue from glossy lip products, yeah, they are not transferproof). You will say goodbye to this tint, especially its pretty shine, after eating or touching glass with your lips.

It doesn’t transfer too much (messy) color residue on glass (but however, it still transfers though, haha). It will leave a sheer coral stain on lips when it wears off. The stain was quite filmy compared with other lip tints, but at least, it does have. The stain itself lasts around 3-4 hours, not great but not bad too (since we can re-apply it anytime).

Overall, I like this Yum Yum Lip Syrup, especially the formula. Yes, I do LIKE its formula. I believe, its lightweight, sticky free and moisturizing formula will be loved by all skin types. I also like its beautiful dewy finish that gives water-like sheen (calling out glossy lip lovers, try this!). Aside from its uncomfortable applicator, I would like to recommend this tint for you.

Where to buy:

Amazon | eBay | Cosmetic-love | Yesstyle

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