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Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil Review:

One of the nicest things when shopping Korean cosmetics are gift samples in package. Of course, not all web shops or eBay or Amazon sellers do that, but ones who do are very generous and one can easily find some new favourite products amongst.

That’s the case with this product – Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil. It was included as a sample in several online purchases of mine and I decided to give it a try. After the first use I decided to buy myself the full size product. And the rest of the samples I used up just until the package came.


“This is highly enriched argan oil essence for  the damaged hair.

Fermented vegetable oil give rich moisturizing & nutrition to the damaged hair.

So it makes hair soft & sleek & healthy.

Plus it is speedily absorbed in the hair since it has excellent absorption.”

(Source: Tonymoly)

Ingredients: Not available

Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil Review

Volume: 85 ml / 2.99 fl.oz.

How to use:

⇒On towel dried hair, apply all over and then dry.

⇒On dry hair, apply on hair ends.

⇒Style as usual.

My Hair Type: Long, wavy, light, thin hair, dry

Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil Review:

This is oil. Yellowish, thick, smelling like heaven. Unfortunately, that divine scent fades away rather quickly.  It comes in 85 ml (2.99 fl.oz.) transparent plastic bottle with the pump. Spreads easily and doesn’t make hair heavy or dull.

Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil Review

This is also Korea Allure Award Winner in year 2014. I have been using this for quite some time now and I can say this is an OK product. Not a holy grail hair oil, but it will deliver.

Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil Review

I actually love it more in the winter when my hair is with less volume, sleek and thin so this oil really smooths all the frizziness and leaves hair soft and silky.

Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil Review

I used it after only shampoo wash, and shampoo and conditioner combined. Works well in both cases.  Hair combability is better with this oil, conditioner regardless.

Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil Review

If hair is really dry by its structure though, it will not deliver as good as it would on normal hair although it claims to be for really damaged hair. Not sure would it actually drastically improve damaged hair, but it sure will make it look better. For curly hair works also making the curls shiny and tidy.

When hair is exposed to salty water (sea swimming, summer vacation hair ☺) this oil will perform just as any basic drug store hair oil would. It would make hair ends shiny and sleek.

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Of course, this kind of exposure requires more of the big guns for hair. And this is only thing I resent it, not being a big gun but rather nice, little treatment although advertised otherwise.

As I said before, it’s best for low maintenance, quick fix hair style. Just couple of drops of this oil and you’re good to go.

My hair in the other seasons is without sea salt and sun and then this little oil performs best. Makes your hair shiny, sleek and tidy.

Not sure would I repurchase it. Maybe when the winter comes and it reminds me why I liked this oil in the first place. But sure I recommend it.

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