[REVIEW+SWATCHES] TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review:

As a huge fan of Korean boy group Monsta X, imagine how excited I am when TonyMoly announced that they will be collaborating with them! I’m not the one who love Tony Moly lip tints, in fact I rarely used their products and this would be my first time in trying their infamous Get It Tint series. I asked my friend who was in Korea to help me get it and I heard that the tints sold out right after it was released offline so it’s really a hard to find them on stores.

From what I heard before, the Get It Tint is really popular both nationally and internationally. It’s really popular even Tony Moly decided to release the HD and Velvet version but the original one is still the most popular to this day. My friends said that the tint is one of the best tints they’ve ever tried, but the main reason I got these tints is because I want the bonus (Tony Moly gave Monsta X photo cards and postcards for every lip tint purchase) so I got myself 2 of the tints.

The tints are available in 6 shades and based on some info I read on Twitter, some of the shades are either a remake or just added to the collection but with Monsta X name on it. I searched about it and I did find the same shades on their Get It Lip tint release so if you already have the older release, do check it first or you may end up with same shades.

Claims :

A get-it-tint with a waterfit texture that completes the wannabe lip with moisture and exhilarating color.

Ingredients :
(ingredients are not listed)

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review

How to Use :

1. When you want to create a clear, natural lip, apply it gently from the inside of your lips.

2. The more you apply, the darker the color will be.

Volume : 3gr

My lips area : Slightly dry

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review:

When they arrived at my place, I didn’t expect to see that the tint is that tiny. It only has 3gr but it’s a bit more affordable than the original one so it’s understandable. Maybe the S in Get It Tint Lip S stands for Small? Because I find it weird why only the new one has smaller size compared to the previous releases.

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review

If you have the original Get It Tint Lip, the packaging is literally the same but only different in size. The new one is slimmer and it fits perfectly on my lipstick shelf, it doesn’t need that much space so it’s really travel-friendly. It even fits in my pocket! It has a white lid with transparent bottle so you can see the shade from the outside.

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review

The applicator is a small doe-foot with a hint of slanted shape. It is great for applying the tint since it distributes the color nicely but because it has a round tip so it’s hard to get to the corner of my lips. Everytime I want to apply the tint, I have to open my mouth extra wide to be able to get my lips fully covered by the tint.

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TonyMoly promotes this tint as a water-type tint but when I got mine, I can see a difference with the shade 04 Red Hot and 05 Oh My Rose. If you can see from the picture, the Red Hot one is a bit more translucent if compared to the other one. You can see it’s obviously a water-gel type whereas the shade Oh My Rose looks like a cream type from the outside. The shade looks more vivid and thick and I almost think that they have different finish.

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review

When I swatch them on my head, turns out both have same consistency and same formula even though they look different from outside. Red Hot has more pigmentation than the Oh My Rose but it is expected because from the swatch picture from their official website, Red Hot looks so bold and more on the neon side while Oh My Rose is more calm and natural, perfect for an MLBB (My Lips But Better) look.

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review

Even though Red Hot looks too neon-y for some people, including me, but in real life the shade is not as bold as I thought. It is still a ‘bright’ color but you can tone it down by apply it thinly. It’s an orange red shade which is my go-to shade for a tint and it’ll be a perfect as a substitute shade if you don’t want to wear deep or bright red color on your lips. This type of shade can be worn by every skin tone but on fair skin tone, use it lightly or you’ll get a very bright lips.

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review

Shade Oh My Rose is a rosy, calm color. I’ve seen a good amount of this kind of shade but I have to say this shade is really pretty! The pigmentation may not as vivid as the Red Hot one but it is still shows up on my lips really nicely. This tint can be your choice for daily uses since it’s really look natural and can give your lips a hint of color, making your lips looks healthy.

I saw some reviews on Twitter and the shade can look different according to your skin tone. On fair skin, the color will show exactly like on the advertising picture but if you have more medium to deep skin tone, it’ll look more on the pink side.

It has a water gel-like texture, not too watery but not too thick like a gel either. Usually this texture is harder to blend since it absorbs onto the lips right after I apply it and turn out I was true.

The tint spreads out evenly on the lips but when I want to blend it to make a gradient effect, it can’t be blended anymore because it sinks into my lips immediately. I tried using a cotton bud to help blend out the color but it didn’t work. Then I tried using my finger to blend it but it didn’t work either.

The tints set right after they touch the lips so the only way to blend it is by taking a sponge with excess foundation on it and dab the outer part of the lips. It takes too much time so most of the time I just apply the tint fully on my whole lips so I don’t have to blend it.

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The tints last really well on my lips especially the Red Hot one. Even after I ate oily food (I ate Chicken Katsu on that day, a very greasy food indeed) the tint still intact as if I never ate anything. I guess the tint is also transfer-proof and water-proof since it didn’t transfer on straw and glass. I rubbed my lips several times with my finger as well but the tint is still on my lips without staining my finger.

For the Oh My Rose shade, it lasts pretty long too but not as long as Red Hot. It’s not weird though since this shade is more soft and natural (natural shade tends to wear off faster compared to a bright and bold color). Both performs the same so the only difference is only on the lasting power.

They can sink into your dry patches as well so you really have to prepare your lips first before wearing these tints. I usually used a good lip balm but I had a really severe dry patch on my upper lips even lip balm and lip scrub can’t heal it. Then I applied the tint and it sticks into that dry patch for all day long but for a water-gel type of tint, it’s a common thing because the texture is very thin like a water so they tend to absorb faster and cling to the lips.

But despite it sinks into the dry patch, the tints didn’t make my lips feel dry or uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel heavy or thick either so I really like the formula. If they make it in cream finish or make it in more blendable formula I’m sure I’ll love it more.

The tints do leave stains on the lips and the stains can be hard to remove so to remove the tint, you need to use a good oil cleanser. If you only use a cleansing wipe or cleansing water, you will have to wipe your lips harshly and the stains won’t be removed even until the next day (trust me, I had tried it).

If you have smooth lips without any dry patches, you will love this tint. You don’t have to touch up because the color will last forever on the lips unless you wipe it off but for dry lips folks out there, maybe you can find other tint similar to this one but with more creamy or moisturizing finish.

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