[REVIEW] TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip 04 Orange Shocking

TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip 04 Orange Shocking Review:

Some years ago (I don’t know the exact year) TonyMoly has a lip tint called the ‘Perfect Lips Shocking Lip’ but it wasn’t hyped and there are other lip tints from them that were much more popular. They finally decided to re-formulated and re-releasing the tint with brand new image and adding 2 additional shades.

On the older release, they only has 4 shades but in this new one they add 2 more shades. When I check the older one, the shades aren’t that different, even they have the same names so I guess TonyMoly only change the formula and not the shade. Among those 6 shades, there’s no neutral or natural shade. All of them are bold and bright color which is perfect for the summer.

With the new formula, they claim that it is a 24 hour long wearing lip tint and even on their website, they show a video where a girl playing in the water yet her lips is still intact. On reviews from Korean bloggers that I read almost all of them are satisfied with the tint as well so I bought it to try myself if it’s really true to its claim or not.

Claims :

+ New concept lip tint that delivers an entirely different sense of color and lasting powder.

+ Overnight lip tint that possesses shocking color and lasting power.

Ingredients :

Key ingredients

Vitamin E, Rosehip Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter

(other ingredients are not listed)

TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip 04 Orange Shocking Review


How to Use :

1. After removing the dead skin cells from your lips, line your dried lips to be slightly darker than color that you seek.

2. Be sure to gently use a cotton swab on the areas requiring touch-ups before the contents become dry.

Volume : 7gr

My lips area : Slightly dry

TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip 04 Orange Shocking Review:

When I saw the packaging for the first time, it reminded me of the old TonyMoly style. Back then when TonyMoly wasn’t that huge internationally, most of their products would have a chic/colorful vibe but now they repackage all the packaging.

To be honest the new Perfecting Lips bottle is almost the same with the old one but they make it more modern and classy in my opinion. It’s a little bit bulky because it has square shape and the size is pretty big for a lip tint. They also has 7gr of product so I think the bottle size matches the product amount.

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TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip 04 Orange Shocking Review


The applicator is a doe-foot with a slanted shape. Actually I don’t have a major problem with the applicator but it doesn’t take enough product for my lips (and my lips is small!) so I need to dip several times to get a full pigmentation for my lips.

But if you want to make a gradient lips, the pigmentation is perfect because the lack of pigmentation will make the gradient looks more natural.

The formula though, is really good. It feels so lightweight on the lips even after I applied layer after layer on my lips and it is really blendable as well. You don’t need a tool like lip brush or even your finger because just smack your lips together several times then it will give you the most blendable gradient lips.

The bad side of this tint is it will feel sticky all day long. It has a semi glossy finish so it’s not weird if it will feel like that but if you hate sticky lip product (or if you hate glosses) maybe you won’t like this tint either.

It has a sweet scent but it’s not too noticeable, and don’t lick your lips because I did and the tint doesn’t taste good at all, it’s really bitter.

TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip 04 Orange Shocking Review


From 6 shades, I pick shade 04 Orange Shocking because from the shades selection, the only wearable shade for me would be this one. It’s an almost neon orange shade if you swatch it on the hand but on my lips, the shade looks like a deep tangerine color.

TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip 04 Orange Shocking Review


It’s too bold for my liking so usually I wear it thinly. Shade like this will match all skin tone with warm undertone.

What about the lasting power? I hate to say it doesn’t stay true to its claim. It doesn’t stay for 24 hours (but I think there’s no product that last for 24 hours) and it’s definitely start to wear off about 2 hours without eating, only drinking. 2 hours maybe doesn’t sound that bad but for a product that promoted to have a good lasting power, it’s really disappointing.

After about 3 to 4 hours, my lips start to feel very dry and I can see my lips is peeling. Even with the glossy finish, it is still makes my lips feel dry and the tint sinks into my dry parts and it doesn’t look good at all.

It has an orange stain but I think that stain causes the dryness on my lips. It feels lightweight and comfortable at the first time but at the end of the day, I don’t even have to remove it with a cleanser because it already removed itself.

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I won’t recommend the tint if you have slightly dry or severe dry lips but if you have natural soft or smooth lips, maybe you want to try one. I don’t like it though and I think it’s not worth the price.

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay | Yesstyle | Cosmetic-love

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