[REVIEW + SWATCHES] Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint 05 All Sold

Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint 05 All Sold Review:

Who can resist the cute packaging of this lip tint? Well, not me! Even I did not have any plan to buy a new lip tint but I, finally, couldn’t help myself to add this cute baby into my cart and took this home.

So, at the end of 2017 Tonymoly launched a new collection in their makeup line, called Piky Biky Art Pop. This line allows you to be creative to color your face with their cute and lovely products.

In this line Tonymoly launched Piky Biky Art Pop Correcting Base SPF 38 PA+++, Piky Biky Art Pop Cover Foundation and Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint in December 2017. And they just added three cute products (cushion, eyeliner and sun cream) for this line in March 2018. The lip tint itself has 6 different shades which look cheerful and pretty. I got mine in shade number 5 – All Sold. I think it will look perfect for spring look.

Claims :

+ A single touch completes the lips with smooth and vivid colors.

+ Expresses the lovely enamel volume with the lively texture.

+ The long-lasting tint adheres tightly to the lips without stickiness.

Ingredients : Not found.

Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint 05 All Sold Review

Volume : 6 g

How to use :

Take an appropriate amount and spread smoothly on the lips with the applicator brush.

My Lips Type : Normal with some fine lines, pigmented, occasionally dry

Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint 05 All Sold Review:

At first, when I saw this lip tint on Tonymoly’s Instagram, somehow the packaging reminds me of two other lip tints, The Saem Lip Paint and Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Ice Cream. The paint can concept reminds me of The Saem Lip Paint and the applicator (the cap) is similar to Etude House’s. Personally, Tonymoly is the cutest and the most eye-catching compared with the others.

Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint 05 All Sold Review

Each shade has different pop art illustrations on its tube so if you own all shades, they will look very cute together. The shade 5 – All Sold is so fancy and cool with the Rolling Stones inspired tongue illustration on its tube, I really like it. Oh, wait! Before moving forward, let me show you the outer box which I think, is pretty unique.

So, the box is not made from a cardboard like we usually get from lip products. This one is made from a clear film thus we can easily see the tube of the lip tint inside. It is unique yet a bit hard to read the information on the box itself.

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Haha, never mind though. It’s only a lip tint and I think I do not need to read bla bla bla about it.

Back to the house of the lip tint, it’s actually made from a lightweight plastic but as the design is very adorable so it doesn’t look ‘cheap’ at all. Otherwise, it looks like a cute tiny can that is ready to paint your lips with pretty color. If you like collecting cute products, you must own this lip tint, seriously.

The handle of the applicator is like a paint brush and it is quite short since the tube itself is not tall. I am still okay with a short wand but it can be uncomfortable for anyone that likes long wand.

Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint 05 All Sold Review

The brush comes in a doe-foot type with a right slant. The bristles are short and feel so soft on lips. So far so good for my liking.

This lip tint has a very pleasant fruity syrup scent. It is fresh, yummy, not too strong and doesn’t disturb my nose at all. I am always tempted to lick it every time I smell it, but it is actually not a thing we can eat or drink, right? Haha.

Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint 05 All Sold Review

The texture of Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint is very nice, like a soft gel with not too thick nor too watery consistency. It takes minutes to absorb completely thus we have enough time to blend out and it makes easier to create gradation lips.

It has glossy finish which I really like because it covers my wrinkly lips nicely and gives a soft plump effect. It is lightweight on lips and doesn’t bring sticky feeling as well.

Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint 05 All Sold Review

For them who don’t like glossy look, you guys can blot your lips with a tissue or paper right after applying this lip tint. Blotting your lips will make the color last longer and also give a matte look. Well, not fully matte but definitely not as glossy as before.

Surprisingly, the leftover stain is quite distinct and so pretty. Yess, so far this is the best thing I got from this lip tint. It gives a pretty vivid stain, as pretty as its actual color.

Talking more about the color itself, the shade number 5, named All Sold, has a warm undertone red – orange color that will be perfect in spring. The color is slightly darker than its official swatches on Tonymoly’s Instagram, but it’s still pretty though.

Pigmentation? Well, no need to ask about it. It’s superb pigmented! No wonder if the stain is so vivid because only one swipe is enough to cover my natural lip color perfectly.

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The down side from this product is it’s not transferproof. Well, very understandable for a glossy lip product. The glossy effect will disappear as soon as the product transfers on glasses or whatever thing but its vivid stain can stay up to 8 hours. Hmm, very great! It doesn’t smudge out nor create flaky residue on my lips too.

The glossy finish makes my lips look moist and smooth, indeed. Unfortunately about an hour after losing the gloss my lips became a bit dry. It’s not a serious dryness for me, but I guess it can be a big problem for someone with very dry and chapped lips. So, make sure that you prepare your lips very well before applying this lip tint.

I must say that Tonymoly Piky Biky Art Pop Enamel Tint works beyond my expectations. It offers soft and blendable texture, pretty tint with great color payoff, and is a long-lasting lip tint in an eye-catching package.

What’s more? It’s very affordable. I would like to recommend this lip tint for you, especially if you like cheerful products.

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