[Review] Tonymoly Pokemon Sticker Mask Sheet

Tonymoly Pokemon Sticker Mask Sheet Review:

Tonymoly is a brand that most people don’t like but everyone finds their products adorable. I personally keep trying to convince myself to stop buying their products but they make it very hard for me. I could never resist any makeup or skincare product with pokemon on the package.

At first I didn’t really care that tonymoly made sheet masks with Pokemon, since the sheet mask was still white however, they made stickers with them. Now these stickers are like any regular sheet mask but they’re cut out into little pieces that you can use on specific areas of your face. I personally love that concept, since the only reason I usually use a sheet mask is my cheeks.


+ This product claims to have whitening and anti-wrinkle effects on the skin, because it contains Oenothera Biennis (Evening Prime Rose) flower extract.

+ At first I had no idea such a flower existed but with a quick search, I discovered that it is widely used in China. By using byproducts of this flower, you get moisturizing, softening, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects to your skin.


Tonymoly Pokemon Sticker Mask Sheet Review

Volume: 23g./ 12 stickers, 4 of each character.

How to use: After you wash your face and apply toner to it, apply the stickers on your preferred spot of the face.

My Skin Type: Acne prone, combination dry and normal.

Tonymoly Pokemon Sticker Mask Sheet Review

Tonymoly Pokemon Sticker Mask Sheet Review:

First of all, the packaging is amazing. I really have to praise Tonymoly for making designs that look so cute. I wouldn’t mind going out shopping or for a coffee wearing these on my face. In fact I’d love doing that if these wouldn’t dry out.

Tonymoly Pokemon Sticker Mask Sheet Review

For some reason, it’s very hard to get the stickers out and then back in into the package and that ruins everything. The good thing is that when you put any of the stickers on your face, the rumples go away.

At first it doesn’t smell like anything but if you actually smell the inside of the package, it smells like cheap hand wipes.  Luckily, it’s very faint when you use the stickers on your face.

Tonymoly Pokemon Sticker Mask Sheet Review

When you use any sticker on your face, at first it stays on with no problem but after 5 minutes it starts getting dry until it completely dries out and falls out from your face.

I personally didn’t notice any difference on my face after using any of these stickers, on any part of my face (I used them on my forehead, my cheeks and chin area). Thankfully they didn’t break me out either so everything is OK.

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The material of these sticker masks is very thin, way thinner that any sheet masks that I’ve tried and it feels very cheap and poor quality. As it dries on your face, it feels a little rough if you try to move it across your face.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone for skin care effects however, if you’re in for the cute packaging, pokemon or just to have some fun and take a few cute selfies, you should try it. If you actually want some spot patches, I recommend the PETITFEE eye and spot patches. They come at a slightly higher price but you get at least 30 uses from them.

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