[REVIEW] Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review:

If you are familiar with TonyMoly and Samyang, you must’ve known about their recent collaboration. When they announced the collaboration about 2 to 3 months ago, so many beauty enthusiasts are excited and can’t wait to get their hands on the collection including me. I’m not a fan of Samyang since I can’t eat too spicy food but I know I can’t skip this collection because they are so cute!

In this collection, they have several products such as lip tint, cushion, hair treatment, a blush and a highlighter. I have to say I want to get most of them but the price is so expensive here in my country (but the original price is pretty affordable though) so I only get the tint since it would be the product I used the most. The tint is available in 2 shades only, a deep red shade and an orange-red shade. I wanted to get both but finally decided to get the deep red one since I don’t have that many red tint.

I don’t know if the lip tint is an ‘remake’ version of their older release because the packaging is nearly the same with their infamous ‘Get It Tint’ tint series and the color, at least for me, is not that different. I already purchased the ‘Get It Tint S’ so I can compare the two of them to see if they are the same product or not. Tony Moly may have mentioned about it on their website but since I don’t understand Korean, I’m not too sure.

Claims :

+ Real and clear color as the spicy noodle sauce.

+ Long lasting color.

+ Moisturized healthy lips.

Ingredients :
(ingredients are not listed)

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review

How to Use :

Apply onto clean dry lips using built-in applicator. For natural colored lips, apply from inner part with gradation.

Volume : 9gr

My lips area : Slightly dry

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review:

As expected from TonyMoly, the collaboration packaging is too cute! In my opinion, Tonymoly is one of the best packaging-maker when they did a collaboration. So far all of their collaborations have pretty and unique packaging. If you are aware of their past work, I’m sure you have seen some of the prettiest packaging you’ve ever seen from a Korean brand.

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review

It comes in an exact replica of Samyang noodle and it’s a pity I have to rip the packaging open to get the tint inside. On the backside, there’s even a duplicate of ’nutritional facts’ but they change the content to caution and instruction on how to apply. If I can compare this packaging, it’s pretty similar to the one from Holika Holika, the Sweet Peko Bun Puff.

If you want more unique packaging, you can get the cushion instead of the tint. The cushion comes in a cup noodle packaging with a refill in a flavoring bag! I really want to get the cushion but people said the size is too tiny for its price so I didn’t get it.

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They have 2 shades, one called Spicy Hot Red and the other one is called Cheese Red. I got mine in the Spicy Hot one and from the outside, the shade looks like a deep, vampire red and it scares me a bit but I’m so relieved that the color is not as deep as I thought.

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review

The actual color is more like a blood red on me. I think this shade would match every skin tone but if you have fair complexion, use it thinly or it will make you look like a pale vampire with bloody lips.

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review

The bottle is short so the wand is short as well. The applicator is a doe-foot with a hint of slanted shape (exactly like the Get It Tint S) and it takes extra effort to get a clean, neat lip line because I can’t reach the corner of my lips with the applicator since the tip is to round for my thin lips. I use a cotton bud and it helps a lot in spreading the tint.

It has a watery texture and to be honest, water tint is not my favorite since it is can be drying and hard to blend compared to creamy or gel lip tint but it’s rare for TonyMoly to make lip tints other than watery or velvet formula and once again, they make this Samyang tint in a watery formula just like their other Get It Tint series.

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review

Because it has very thin texture, it absorbs into my lips right after I applied it on the lips. If you want to use this tint, better to prepare and moisturize your lips well because it is can make your lips feel and look so dry, it also makes my lips feel uncomfortable because of the dryness.

The tint is so long lasting, it doesn’t fade away even after I ate oily foods but the bad side is after 5 to 6 hours, it starting to leave pink stain but the stain is making a straight line on my lips so it makes my lips look drier than it is.

It is very hard to remove! I used so many cleansers such as cleansing water, cleansing wipes, and even a cleansing oil but the color still stay on my lips and won’t budge. I tried scratching the color off of my lips but it’s not working.

The stain sticks to my lips for 2 days and I have to wear deep lip color to cover the stain. So if you want to try this tint, wear it when you have day off or no school on the day after or the tint will make your lips look unhealthy and dry.

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I would give 5 stars for the packaging but for the quality, I’m really sorry to say that I don’t like this tint and won’t recommend it. If you have really dry lips but still want to try something like this tint, try the Get It Tint S instead because it’s more forgiving than this one.

If you are a collector like me, I can say the packaging alone is worth the price especially if you are a big fan of anything Samyang-related.

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