[REVIEW] Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash Review:

A few months ago, every forum, every chat board or social network were buzzing about this Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash. After reading ingredients list, I said NO. “There’s no way in he…I would put SLS or denatured alcohol on my face. Heck NO! But after I had read some trusted reviews about really convenient pH of 5.5 of this cleanser, I decided to give it a try. After all, it’s the cost of less than 10$ so it wouldn’t move the Earth towards black hole if it didn’t work. So, here we go.


  • Cleanses skin deeply without drying it out,
  • Papain enzyme bubbles deep pore cleanse,
  • Delivers intensive skin moisture as containing corn starch,
  • Appropriate for every skin type including hypersensitive

(Source: en.tosowoong.com)


Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Sodium Lauroyl Aspartate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Palmitate, Badger Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Papain (140mg), Maltodextrin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Titanium Dioxide, Alcohol Denat., Phenoxyethanol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Fragrance

Volume: 70 g / 2.47 oz

How to use: Add water to powder and rub fingers together to create a rich lather. Gently massage over face for 30-60 seconds then rinse well with lukewarm water.

My Skin Type: Sensitive, rosacea, aging

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash Review:

This product is white granulated powder of intensive laundry detergent fragrance that I find very clean and fresh. It comes in typical Tosowoong simple minimalistic design white plastic bottle with blue cap and protective seal inside. It is very convenient to use, as dispenser is not too wide so the product is not spilled.

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash Review

This is one more product of Tosowoong that can’t seize to amaze me as I would never ever buy this product judging it sole by its ingredients list. As every Tosowoong product so far, it is working for my skin greatly despite the big cons in its composition.

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash Review

This one has sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) a potent detergent and surfactant but very drying towards skin. About other not-so-good characteristics of this chemical compound, I wouldn’t discuss right now, but I can’t stress enough – NOT for rosacea skin in particular.

There is also denatured alcohol (Alcohol Denat.) here. Wow! As if it isn’t enough having SLS already. So, also big NO for my skin.

These two combined, promise to scrap off your skin acid mantle and the whole skin barrier.


Somehow this product is excellent example how pH of 5.5 of the product plus great formulation beats ingredients analysis as sole criteria. Not only it did not dry out my skin, it really made it so soft, supple and bouncy after using it.

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash Review

As little goes a long way, this product will be with me for a long time. And it makes me happy. So, just a small quantity of the powder in my hand, then adding some water and then lather it in the palms of my hands, and there it is: rich, creamy foam. Then apply it to face (dry or wet, depending on how intensive cleansing you would like it to be).

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash Review

Afterwards, skin is soooo beautiful. I love this cleanser but I am afraid to use enzyme wash every day as I treat it as mild exfoliators. It is recommended to use it every day though, on official website of Tosowoong, but still, I use it 2 – 3 times a week.

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This little cleanser is such a modest product, but it’s better than many products of the same type but in higher price range.

It is also convenient for travels, for inflight cleanse (not a liquid), for so many purposes. Tosowoong claims that it can remove makeup but I didn’t do that, as I love it to be my second cleanser so I can really use all its features of deep cleanse. And that job this little fellow does perfectly.

I have so many cleansers (just a little bit borderline hoarding), but this one is on my forever buy list.

I recommend it to literally every skin type.

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