[Review] TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review:

I find Centella Asiatica (or to say tiger grass) a great friend. My skin calms down even when I think of it. My wishful thinking mode on. Rosacea is very nasty, angry beast that is fortunately enough afraid of tiger grass. At least mine is. On those days when my face lives a life on its own I tend to make amends with it giving it centella products. So in my searches appeared Tosowoong SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask.


Tosowoong claims that this product should be IT for:

  • Irritated skin,
  • Damaged skin,
  • Damaged skin barrier.

All these claims were alluring enough for me:

  • Intense skin soothing, calming down irritated and sensitive skin,
  • Strengthening skin barrier,
  • Protecting skin from harmful environment,
  • Moisturizing.

IngredientsNot available in English.

How to use:

  1. Double cleanse and apply toner to face.
  2. Open the pack and carefully place it on center of face.
  3. Remove after 15-25 minutes.
  4. Gently pat remaining essence on face to absorb everything.

Volume: 23 g

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review:

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review

So I bought it online in a pack containing ten mask sheets of 23 grams of essence. There is no smaller packs so I took a leap of faith confident enough because I am familiar with other Tosowoong products, and can definitely say there were no misses there.

Packaging itself is really Tosowoong style – minimalistic, simple, efficient. Having accent more on the product itself rather having nice, luxurious packaging. White box with ten white packs in it. Nice and simple.

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review


Centella is the star ingredient of this product along with panthenol and extracts of tea tree, portulacea herba and aloe vera. I simply couldn’t find full list of ingredients, but the package states this:

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review

Sheet mask itself is made of chitosan and bamboo fiber and is very pleasant on skin. It is not too thick nor too thin, fits my face (medium size, oval) nicely.

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review

Essence is not too runny and allows mask fitting without unwanted leaking down the neck. It is mildly scented (I am not too keen on fragrances in my skin care) but it is not overwhelming, headache-provoking perfume. This is light, floral scent barely there just to make your 20 minutes with sheet mask on your face pleasant enough.

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review

I used it in my pm routine after double cleanse, toner and ampoule. After I removed mask, “toc toc”-ed my face and let it completely absorb. And there it was. My skin fresh, calm, bright. No redness, but little rash on my forehead remained. I put sleeping pack later and went to bed.

In the morning, wow! Skin looking so good I was literally touching it all morning. Rash was completely gone, skin was calm and with tone more even. I love this mask. I really do. But I don’t use it every night, but rather every other instead.

I cannot recommend this mask to anyone with any skin problem not knowing the full ingredients list, but mask really is working for me and I have the fussiest skin ever. My skin is hypersensitive, reactive, rosacea skin. This mask didn’t cause me any more trouble, no irritations or unwanted effects on skin. This is really calming and soothing centella product.

I will definitely repurchase it.

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    Do you mind if I shared the picture (you took) of the package (ingredients) on social media, so that I can check the ingredients (People could help us get the ingredients in English!)?


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