[REVIEW+SWATCHES] VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review:

It is not a new product but still be a best seller item on VT’s website. Hence, I guess it’s not too late to write this review now (though VT had just released other makeup collections last month, hehe). I think you already knew this product too. Yess, VT X BTS Collagen Pact (Black). A product that became crazily popular because it collaborated with BTS (Bangtan Boys), a South Korean boy band.

I didn’t notice this product because I was not familiar with VT Cosmetics (and I’m not an ARMY too). Moreover, in my country, this product is famous with its nickname ‘BTS Cushion’ (ha?!). I’m not sure what you call it in your country, but most of my friends call it BTS Cushion. Thus, I thought it’s just an usual bb cushion. But once I, accidentally, watched a video on YouTube and found out that it is a COLLAGEN pact, I immediately hunted it! Because I love collagen!

Claims :

+ Skin cover, bright effect, wrinkle care, sun-protect SPF 50+ PA+++

+ Premium Marble Collagen Golden Ratio. A golden ratio mixture with a collagen foundation that improves skin tone and a black collagen essence marble that adds fresh nourishment to the skin to recover the skin firm, refined and radiant.

+ Wrinkle and Nutrition Skin Care. For enhancing skin firmness and strengthening the skin barrier as well as skin coverage and give you a more elastic and volumized skin.

+ Black Collagen Complex. It is upgraded premium collagen containing Black Truffles, Black Caviar, Black Pearl Powder, Bora Sea Urchin Collagen, Ginseng Collagen, Beta Glucan. Containing 10,000 ppm of collagen, not just a collagen-containing product!

Ingredients :

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review

Volume : 11 g

How to use :

Using puff applicator, press down lightly onto foundation pact to capture product. Apply gently and evenly onto skin, add more layer to give extra coverage.

My Skin Type : Fair – medium skin tone, oily-combination, dehydrated, acne prone and very sensitive.

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review:

The outer box is made from high quality material, very thick, sturdy and, of course, looks pricey. It’s like buying an expensive BTS album, LOL. I really appreciate how VT Cosmetics give their customers (especially BTS fans) a super luxurious packaging, so everyone won’t regret spending plenty money to purchase this product.

I will also say, it’s a must have item for ARMY because not only a mesmerizing BTS box, you will get a poster of BTS too (not in frame because the poster is so big and I already gave it to my cousin, haha). Not enough? Well, you will get a pack of cute stickers drawn by BTS members inside the box (you can use the stickers to decorate the case).

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review

This product has two hologram stickers to prove its authenticity, one sticker from VT Cosmetics and the other one is from Big Hit Entertainment. So, it’s not only a makeup product but also a BTS official merchandise. Haha, interesting.

VT Cosmetics have some variants of collagen pact (black, blue, red berry, and more) but for their collaboration with BTS, they just released two variants only. The red berry collagen pact (comes in white case for BTS edition) and the black collagen pact. They claimed that the black collagen has matte finish and good coverage (suitable for normal-oily skin), while the white has dewy finish and look more natural (for normal-dry skin). Of course, I picked the black one.

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Just like its name, the case comes in all solid black color with VT logo in the center. The design is simple but looks sooo classy and elegant. Like the box, the case is also made from high quality material and it brings a luxurious feel whenever you touch it.

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review

The ‘VT X BTS’ puff is nice too. It is not too thick and very soft. It was a little bit stiff at first but after using several times it became more comfortable and flexible. I already washed the puff for 4 or 5 times and it is still soft and bouncy. Well, I thought the quality of the puff was so so, but in fact, it is much better than I thought.

Aside from its elegant packaging, I think I know why they call it a premium collagen pact, because the ingredients themselves are luxurious. Black Truffles, Black Caviar, Black Pearl Powder and Ginseng Collagen. Wow, they are expensive though and, of course, have many benefits to our skin.

Oh, by the way, it’s not a cushion foundation. So, dear my friends, please stop calling it ‘BTS cushion’ LOL. It is ‘BTS Collagen Pact’, a compact foundation with black collagen inside. Not a cushion. Okay?

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review

You see the black swirls on top of the foundation, that is the black collagen. The pattern looks very pretty though. To take out the product, use its puff. Gently press and make a circle motion to get and mix both the foundie and black collagen. The texture of the foundation itself is creamy and very dense (like thick balm). That’s why you have to gently press down the foundation and rub it a little, thus the puff can capture the product appropriately.

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review

VT X BTS Collagen Pact has 2 shades. They released one shade at first (number 21) then added another darker shade (number 23). I got mine in shade 21 and unfortunately, it is slightly brighter than my skin tone (but still acceptable, though). This is a cool undertone, pale beige color. It tends to oxidize a little bit but I can forgive it.

The foundation itself has no artificial fragrance. The fragrance present from the other ingredients is very minor and not annoying at all. It blends easily and provides super soft and smooth result on my skin. It is literally very smoooth. And the pore filling effect is amazing! (as a big-pores fighter, I adore it). It is not clumpy nor cakey even on dry area (but make sure to moisturize it first). The finish is semi-matte and it gives an instant healthy look on my face with a little shine but not sticky or greasy.

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review

The coverage is sheer to medium. Yes, it is buildable but however I can’t get full coverage unless I use a concealer on top. And although it is buildable, I don’t suggest layering this foundie on wrinkly area, such as under eyes and around smile lines. Why? Because it creased on fine lines. Otherwise, if you have wrinkle free skin, it is okay to apply more than a layer wherever you want.

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I usually apply only one layer and the result is very natural and lightweight. The coverage is not superb but it is enough to make my skin instantly look healthier, brighter and evens out my skin tone. The foundation blends nicely with my skin, like my second skin.

I live in tropical country and lately the weather is going extremely hot and it makes my skin become more oily. You know, when dehydrated skin with excess sebum and sweat meet foundation, it can be a big problem because the foundation will tend to melt away and leave patchy result on skin. But VT Collagen Pact Black save me from that issue.

Actually the oil control is not that impressing, but pretty nice. My skin started to be oily after 2-3 hours (I didn’t use powder). The good point is this foundation doesn’t melt away on my oily skin. It adheres like a strong magnet and stays beautifully along the day. Even when I touched and pinched my skin, the foundation didn’t smudge at all. The only thing I got on my fingers is my excess sebum. Oh wow! It’s truly like my second skin.

It’s quite easy to remove the foundation with cleansing oil or other makeup remover. It doesn’t clog my pores nor break my skin out. My skin still feels smooth, soft and well hydrated after using it. Not really sure for the long-term advantages using this collagen pact (like firmness and strengthening skin barrier), but I would like to believe that this product helps to improve my skin after using it nearly a month. It literally softens and hydrates my skin nicely.

I regret buying this collagen pact last month -.- I should buy this product since it was released for the first time because, in fact, VT X BTS Collagen Pact Black is awesome! Me likey! It’s my new HG daily foundation that I can’t live without! (I sound too much but I don’t care. Yes, this product is that great!). I don’t even think about its less coverage anymore (I will use my favorite concealer, The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer).

Apart from huge popularity of BTS as VT Cosmetics brand ambassador, this Collagen Pact Black deserves to be popular as well since the quality is amazing. I believe any skin type can use this foundation. It has great staying power, smudge-free, nice pore filling and smooth skin effect, and is moisturizing. Sure, I will repurchase this product. Yes, I will.

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay

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