[REVIEW] VT x BTS Collagen Pact SPF50+ PA+++ | #21

VT x BTS Collagen Pact #21 Review:

Since June 2017, articles and social media sites were buzzing about the anticipated cosmetics collaboration with unknown brand VT Cosmetics and popular Korean band BTS. Around October, the brand launched two foundation cushion compacts – a black one and a white one, both containing collagen in the formulas. The black compact was targeted for mid-twenties and older skin, while the white compact was for early to mid-twenties. Many were flocking to the black compact, while I gravitated to the white compact after reading translated descriptions of the formulas via the brand’s website.

VT Cosmetics, formerly Vant Cosmetics, originally specialized in oral health. They’ve rebranded themselves as a mid to upper end health and beauty brand offering a range of products to help with overall body health. Celebrity endorsement aside, their compact was the only foundation product I’ve seen that includes collagen in the formula. Because I’m in my mid-twenties, the thought of trying something with collagen in it sounded appealing, as I’ve been encouraged to take care of my skin before it starts changes with age. The special compact was offered in shade, 21, when I purchased it. Since its launch, the brand has introduced a warmer shade, 23 as another option.


+ A 3-in-1 compact that brightens, promotes youthful skin, and protects with SPF 50+ PA+++.


VT x BTS Collagen Pact #21 Review

Volume: 11g

How to Use:

Use cushion applicator, sponge, or fingers to apply the cream-based formula to your skin, blending in until it looks natural. Reapply as needed.

My Skin Type: Normal with occasional dryness and acne

VT x BTS Collagen Pact #21 Review:

Because this is a special edition of VT’s Berry Collagen Compact, the white version came in a special box with the band on the front. Stickers featuring artwork drawn by members of the band were included, as well as a cushion applicator with ‘VT x BTS’ across the ribbon. The packaging was well done and the product looked promising. I swapped out the cushion applicator for a regular sponge, as the ribbon on the cushion looked fragile and prone to tearing from the cushion sides. (Likely a manufacturing issue.)

VT x BTS Collagen Pact #21 Review

Unlike other cushion foundations I’ve used, this is a cream formula versus a liquid – one can see the collagen swirled in the foundation. (In the white formula the collagen is the berry red swirls, whereas the black compact has black swirls for the collagen.) With your applicator, rub it along the surface to mix and blend the foundation and collagen together. Apply to your face until it is evenly blended into your skin for a natural look.

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I used a primer before applying – this helped create a smooth base for the foundation to sit on. (I did attempt to use the compact without one and it required more blending to look smooth, also my skin was at least two shades paler without the primer.) The time it took for the makeup to set was about a minute to minute and a half.

VT x BTS Collagen Pact #21 Review

I did not reapply throughout the day – coverage was not heavy but it was good. (Apparently the black compact is best for someone who needs more coverage, while the white one is intended for light to medium coverage.) I did notice the finish was less dewy compared to Moonshot’s cushion – likely due to the cream formula. For a cream formula, it did not lift or wrinkle after a full day. Like Moonshot’s cushion, this product had very little to no fragrance.

VT x BTS Collagen Pact #21 Review

After repeated use over a few weeks, skin seemed bouncier – it does seem to live up to the claims that the collagen helps promote more youthful looking skin.

I give this product a 3.75/5. If you’re looking to boost your skin with collagen (which is good for the future, as older skin cannot produce collagen as well as younger skin) and want a slightly less dewy finish for your makeup, this is a good option.

I strongly recommend using a primer before applying the product or risk looking pasty. The drawback to the product is the white and black compacts come in 2 shades, which is very limiting for anyone who doesn’t have a fair or medium complexion.

I did note that if you wanted the specific container, but did not match shade 21, the brand VT cosmetics does sell the Berry Collagen Complex refills in other colors, as well as the Black Collagen Complex. (You would have to buy a refill in your correct shade, remove shade 21/23 from the compact, and replace with the refill. Keep in mind the refill will have a different color from the limited edition package but the refills should fit in the white or black compacts.)

The brand claims this compact is good for all skin types and I agree. For oily skin types, you may want to finish with a translucent powder to be safe. For dry skin, make sure you use a moisturizer and primer before applying, especially during the colder months.

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