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Below are the Terms and Conditions:

● CosmePerks is an online blog, where you will find reviews, lifestyle, and business-related content.
As of now, we are accepting reviews only on Asian Beauty products, like Korean Beauty Products, Taiwanese Beauty Products, Japanese Beauty products, etc.

● All the content you send should be related to business, lifestyle, fashion, health, tech ETC.

● You can send as many topics as you want. But your review will only gets published if it is according to the CosmePerks review criteria, and review format (See below for the Review Criteria and Review Format)

●To know if the blog you want to write has already published on cosmeperks or not. Find the search bar on the right hand side of the cosmeperks website and enter the name of the product that you want to review. If there are no results on the product you want to write then send the review.

● The content you sent might be modified before publishing like correcting grammatical mistakes, changing the format for better readability, etc.

● Once your content gets published, then the images of the post, content, and everything in the post will be the sole property of the CosmePerks website.

● You must not share/publish your content on other sites that are published on CosmePerks website. Note: You can post your first impressions/mini content on your Instagram, but do not do literal copy/paste.

● The content sent must be original. All content will be manually verified and checked for plagiarism before publishing.

● All your reviews will be published under your First name as ‘Author’.

● These terms and conditions might be changed without any notice.

Review Criteria of CosmePerks:

**You should not belong to or represent or be affiliated with any cosmetic brand/company. **

  1. All content you sent must be in English.
  2. Content must be of beauty products..
  3. Content with a lot of grammatical mistakes will be rejected.
  4. Each review must contain at least 500 words excluding ingredients and minimum 3 images of the product(front, back, swatches of the product, etc). Include the swatch image for sheet mask Content as well.
  5. Images that are sent must be taken by you. Please do not send images that are downloaded from other websites.
  6. Images must be clear. No blur or low-quality pictures are accepted.
  7. You can send either negative or positive Content about the product. Just mention your honest opinion.
  8. Content with ingredients is preferred.
  9. Content of the newly launched products is preferred.
  10. Do NOT send Content of discontinued products.
  11. Please use the product that you want to review for at least 2 to 3 weeks and then write the review.

Your experience/review with/of the product: About the texture of the product, fragrance, ingredients, packaging, how long you have been using the product, product efficacy, etc

You Can Contact US: infogrowmorefirms@gmail.com