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Below are the Terms and Conditions:

● **You should not belong to or represent or be affiliated with any cosmetic brand/company. To get your brand or business featured on Cosmeperks, please visit Advertise page.

● CosmePerks is a beauty blog, where you will find reviews, and details of all beauty products.

● All the reviews you submit should be related to beauty products like skincare products, makeup products, hair care products etc.

● Reviews of beauty products from all countries are accepted.

**As of now, the reviews of Western and European beauty products that are released/reformulated on or after 2016 January 1st are accepted. This condition does not apply to luxury beauty products.

● You will be paid $5 USD per published review.

  • Payment will be made in USD only.

● You can submit as many reviews as you want. But your reviews will only be published if it is according to the CosmePerks Review Criteria and Review Format.(See below for the Review Criteria and Review Format)

● You will be paid only if your article is published on CosmePerks site.

● Make sure the product review you submit has not been previously published on CosmePerks written by other authors.

●To know if the review you want to write about has been previously published, enter the product name in the search bar of the site. If there are no results of the product, you may write about it and send in the review.

● Payment will only be made through PayPal.

● You must have a PayPal account to receive the payment amount.

● You must share your PayPal ID with us to receive payment.

Payment Frequency: Payment will be made out to you for the published reviews on the 1st of every month.

● That means, payment for all your reviews published between the first and last day of the month (i.e. 1st of May and 31st of May), will be paid on the 1st of the next month.

● For example, if your reviews were published on September 3rd and 16th, then the payment for those reviews will be made on October 1st.

● To receive the payment, you need to send an email to cosmeletters[@]gmail[dot]com on the 1st of every month with your review links, names and total no. of your reviews that are published in the month. Also, include your full name, country and PayPal id in the mail.

How to find your reviews?

Just click on your name on the review, a new page will open that has all your published reviews 🙂

Now, send the review links in the below format.

● The reviews you send may be modified before publishing to

– ensure the post is grammatically correct and free from spelling errors, grammar
errors, and typos.

– to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability..

● Once your review is published, then the images in the post, content and everything submitted in the post will be sole property of CosmePerks.

● You must not share/publish your reviews that are published on CosmePerks anywhere else on the web.

● The reviews sent must be original. All reviews will be manually verified for plagiarism before publishing.

● All your reviews will be published under your First name as ‘Author’.

● We reserve the right to accept or reject any review.

● These terms and conditions may be changed without any notice.

● By sending in the review, we assume that you accept all the above terms and conditions.

Review Criteria of CosmePerks:

**You should not belong to or represent or affiliated with any cosmetic brand/company. **

  1. All reviews you sent must be in English.
  2. Reviews must be of beauty products..
  3. Reviews with lot of grammatical mistakes will be rejected.
  4. Each review must contain at least 500 words excluding ingredients, ‘how to use’ section, claims (if you are copying from the official website or labels), and Volume sections.
  5. Your review must contain minimum 3 images of the product(front, back, swatches of the product, etc). Include the swatch image for sheet mask reviews as well.
  6. Images that are sent must be taken by you. Please do not send images that are downloaded from other websites.
  7. Images must be clear. No blur or low quality pictures are accepted.
  8. Do NOT use blankets, bed sheets, and doormats as background to the pics. Use white or any plain background.
  9. You can send either negative or positive reviews about the product. Just mention your honest opinion.
  10. Reviews with ingredients are preferred.
  11. Reviews of the newly launched products are preferred.
  12. Do NOT send reviews of discontinued products.
  13. Please use the product that you want to review for atleast 2 to 3 weeks and then write the review.

Review Format:

Title of the product:

Product Introduction: How did you come across this product? or why did you buy this product, about the brand etc

Product Claims:



How to use:

Your Skin Type:

Your experience/review with/of the product: About the texture of the product, about fragrance, about ingredients, packaging, how long you have been using the product, product efficacy, etc 

Conclusion: Will you repurchase? Why? To what skin types would you recommend this product etc

Online Purchase Link:


If you accept all the above points, then send your review in MS word/Google doc file, and images of the product along with your full name, country you are from, and PayPal id to [email protected] with review title as subject. Attach images, and word document separately in the same email. Do not insert any images in the review file.